Professional Representation Utilizing Personal Virtual Receptionists...

You may be paying a fair amount for an Answering Service. But are you really receiving the representation you want or deserve? Why not have a single individual assigned to your inbound project? Your Virtual Receptionist will treat your callers just like they were walking into your establishment. Professionally, Accurately and Friendly...

When someone calls in, do you really want an agent to portray the fact that they are not in the same building as your own? Now imagine when that same agent informs your caller that, "I'm just an answering service"... Definitely not a favorable impression.


  • SMS Messaging- to your portable device
  • Virtual Receptionist- No more voice mails or answering machines for your clients. We transcribe the message, and electronically send, or call you with the message right away. You map out call importance to determine if you actually need a call, or weather we should simply email or SMS you with the details.This requires that "human touch" you will not get from silicon Sam/Sally. *
  • Event Registration/Confirmation- we can tie into your database and confirm vital information for your registrants, or utilize an online registration portal that already exists.
  • Order taking- Simply provide us with a list of your products, or better yet VPN, eCommerce access will allow us to place the order directly into your own systems allowing you to accurately track inventory, and perform accounting functions seamlessly. (Why not allow us to Up-sell or Cross-sell for you?)
  • Routing and Forwarding- Maybe you have a hotline and want to make sure the caller is routed to the correct department. An Agent will be the first point of contact, and route it to the appropriate destination promptly. We can setup a logical, affordable solution that you do not have to manage.*
  • Call Overflow- Merely direct your call queue to us rather than allow the caller to drop out of the system.

* Your equipment must have SMS capabilities, we do not provide equipment.

*Setup and Monthly Access fees may apply and are based on volume of calls.

Professional Representation utilizing your own Virtual Sales Assistants...

Sure, we make cold calls, set appointments and generate leads, but we are quite different from traditional telesales companies. Our Personal Virtual Sales Assistants are geographically dispersed, rather than being situated at work stations in a Call Center "boiler-room". The utilization of mature, experienced home-based agents has resulted in a more experienced staff with less caller turnover. Our Assistants are entirely professional with outstanding interaction skills that allows us to comfortably engage key decision makers in meaningful, non pressured, and non-manipulative conversations. We aim for quality above all else. We know how to ask the thought-provoking questions that lead to quality sales opportunities. We create the interest, provide the benefit and close. All performed "Customer Service" style ...


  • Lead Generation
  • Appointment Setting (actual times and dates)
  • Event Registration
  • Market Research
  • Fundraising
  • Scheduling Conference Calls
  • Data Analysis
  • List Appending
  • Surveys
  • Customer Service Functions (for receivables too!)
  • Client Retention and Appreciation (Courtesy) calls. "Follow Up Calls"
  • We can also send out your company's e-brochure from our office, in the event that the prospect requests written information about your company.