Property Management

Property Management

Property managers can depend on the inbound messaging services we can provide to receive important communication from their tenants. Be it apartment renters, shops or office tenants, office telephone lines are quite often overwhelmed with incoming calls.

Our company is staffed by agents that take messages, dispatch problem calls to building staff, schedule appointments for prospective tenant meetings, and generally function as office support during busy call times.

We can do much more for your property management business. Your office can use us to contact property owners who are looking for a property manager, or who are unhappy with their current property management company and want to change.

We can assist your property management company in initiating a great potential opportunity by calling at the right possible time!

We can contact landlords and property owners on your behalf, investigating if they might be interested in contracting with your property management business to oversee their residential or commercial properties. These leads will be passed on to your sales group for additional contact, or simply schedule an appointment to discuss the matter in greater detail.