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OEM Manufacturing/Engineering firms

You have a product line that you want to end up directly in front of your end users. Typically you would probably rely upon a distribution network to perform such tasks. What if you could market directly to the end user increasing a few "house accounts", as well as new distributors in territories your product might not be present?

Let's face it, most distributors are good order takers, but they don't push product.

The majority will simply wait by the phone, generate paperwork and hopefully fill the order. If the end users do not know of your product existence, they certainly will not ask for it by name!

So theoretically, what's to say your product will be in included in the next quote quote? How else might you get on that spec sheet?

Well why not help ensure that they do more than just "make the numbers"!

We can get your engineers or sales staff out to present your wares so that the next time an order is placed, you might just be considered.

We help with this by touching base with your end user and/or distributor; keeping your company and product fresh in the minds of thier sales department.

In addition, we can follow up on quotes generated to see if there is any status change that you might wish to know about. (End-User or Distribution side)