We know the importance of the hospitality industry. Let our agents do the tedious and daunting task by calling on your lost business lists, and turn them back into profitable guest accounts at your establishment.

We contact the prospects you want as returning guests..... why not, they might have a crew in your area that needs a respectable place to stay.

Travel agents should have you on speed dial for their clients, we can call these agencies and get them to meet or speak with one of your sales/booking representatives.

Perhaps you wish to coordinate with event planners?

Do you have an event that you wish to promote, or possibly have a special incentive or discount package you would like to communicate to previous or recent guests?

Your Voice-Telesuccess would be happy to contact any of these individuals and help relieve your encumbered staff from these tasks allowing them to focus on the important guests that are there, in house.

We can register guests via an online reservation site while we have them on the phone completing the booking information for them, it's that easy. If you prefer to have them speak with a direct reservation representative, we will transfer that call. the choice is yours.

Do you notice that during peak times, many of your guests or potential guests just cannot get through to you, or on hold for long periods of time and eventually just give up?

We offer call overflow services as well, this will help eliminate dropped calls that your busy phone system cannot keep up with and more importantly keep your guests happy.