Government Agencies

Local Government

Local and federal government agencies can use outsourced teleservices to assist their offices in both placing and receiving calls.

Many agencies and government-sponsored program offices use inbound teleservices as a primary method of contact with the communities they serve. These agencies often find that outsourcing their teleservices and messaging needs is more efficient and cost effective than staffing a full-time support center.

Social services programs, business offices, federal and local agencies and many other parts of government use inbound telemarketing services around the clock to keep their offices running efficiently.

Agents receive calls, take and route messages, transfer callers to appropriate extensions and generally function as a remote switchboard and receptionist.

If an agent is answering a call for a social service agency (non-emergency), calls can be routed to appropriate staff on duty who can help the caller connect with the services that he or she needs.

Some communities wish to create special hotlines for their residents. With one phone call, callers can obtain information with the option to be connected with the service office that the community offers.

Instead of hiring full-time workers to answer the large call volumes that these types of lines receive constantly, local agencies could hire a firm to handle these calls.

Our agents are fully trained operators who can dispatch calls to the appropriate department or another agency.

We offer outbound telemarketing services as well so we can call on behalf of an agency for various reasons.

We understand that "official business" is handled strictly by government agency workers, but our agents can return phone calls to schedule appointments, notify residents of community events, conduct quality surveys and more.

Our services help ease the call burden on your staff