Cable TV Providers

Cable Media Service Providers

With tons of customers switching to satellite tv, it is becoming increasing difficult to retain your subscribers. With the recent changes in analog to digital services call centers are becoming overwhelmed by customers trying to upgrade equipment. Since many media companies now also offer digital voice solutions along with internet packages, cable lines are almost overcrowded with data. If you are a larger provided you likely have a dedicated staff to help with customer service issues. Small to mid sized providers still have limited staff and hours to dedicate to important customer calls.

You certainly do not wish to have large call drops because of extreme wait times. Why not outsource to someone? Not only will this lift the burden on your own system, but it will show that you truly do care about your customers.



We can help relay information to cable tech support workers and your customers; Including, but not limited to:


  • Installation Appointments
  • Sales of Basic and Tiered Packages
  • Cross Selling and Promotion
  • Increased Customer Retention
  • Get old customer to come back to your services
  • Equipment Upgrades
  • Billing Inquiries
  • Troubleshooting Tech Appointments

You want your first level of contact to be your best level of contact, right?

Then let us help you be the hero of the day!