What you get

What you will get with our staff...

An Agent trained specifically for your project We will take the time to train your agent and allow you to have access to them.

Conversative, friendly, motivated staff will keep your prospects or clients happy with their positive attitude, friendly demeanor and motivative disposition.

Lasting impressions we keep your company name in front of your targets, focusing on benefit of your products and services as well as the needs and wants of the buyer. This shows them that you really do care.

Feedback Since your agent is on the front-line, you will probably wish to know how your products/ services are being received. While statistical numbers are helpful to anylize trends and overall effectivnesss, direct response feedback is something that should not be overlooked.

Quality results Versus the promise of high dial volumes, and how that leads to more appointments. That's really a lot of "Hog-Wash", larger firms that claim to make huge call volumes aren't neessarily going to furnish the quality results you should prefer. As some of our top clients say, "I'd take 3-4 good appointments over 20 bad appointments any day".

Results notifications We send your "call to action" emails or faxes several times per day, with the action type requested so that you are brought, into the loop and can perform appropriately.