We help advise and mold the project with you, on your terms..

We Do Not Market Business to Consumer due to large liability regarding DNC regulations.

Where do I begin ? Plan your target market, obtain your list, determine your estimated launch date and begin your pilot project.

How long does it take to get started ? Normally it takes 14 business days to plan, develop, implement and launch your project.

Are there any setup fees? For most outbound projects there are no setup fees or additional costs. If we are working directly as a remote agent from your own database, then we may have basic collaboration fees.

Where should I obtain my list? We can utilize a list you provide, or we can help point you in the right direction. (We can purchase a list on your behalf)

Do you share my list and data gathered with your other clients?Absolutely NOT!  Because we are calling on your behalf, we work for YOU. Therefore, any lists & information gathered is your proprietary information.

What about a script? We can use a known productive script that you provide, or we can tailor a script to meet the logistics of your project.

How do I receive my results? We will email them to you daily, as well as provide a summary for the week.

How do you ensure the quality of the leads?
There are several procedures we employ to ensure quality results. Your Agents are paid hourly and given bonuses based on customer satisfaction and the quality of the results, not per lead. This keeps our Agents focused on the needs of each individual client and the quality results they should produce as opposed to "just making the numbers".

How much will it cost ? Outbound pricing is based on an hourly rate and Inbound pricing is based on individual need. Be assured that we do NOT charge for the following:

  • Initial set-up fees (unless custom programming is required)
  • Database management
  • List development
  • Long-distance charges
  • Confirmation calls
  • Script development
  • Delivery of data