It begins with Experience...

Your Voice-Telesuccess is committed to helping you reach your customer contact and marketing touch point goals. As early as 1996 our Owners have been in key positions within small and large companies helping provide input and strategies to marketing personnel, advising as to the best implementation of one of the oldest forms of marketing.

While telemarketing may seem archaic, it is still one of the most effective methods of communicating the products and services your company provides... Customer Service and flexibility are key qualities. After years of experience working for other firms our Owners decided to begin an adventure on a smaller and more personalized scale. "We have seen just about everything, from the cheap offshore solutions, to the pricey, understaffed, and disorganized call centers," "These companies could have offered so much more". The technology was often overkill, the creativeness, flexibility and willingness to "separate from the norm" was just not there..

We help companies improve revenue by increasing potential sales leads, or by simply helping you to keep in close contact with your established clients.

More Contacts=More Sales.

Let us devote our time gathering vital information from your prospects while educating them on what it is you do and what you are offering. Then we will place you directly in front of them to do what you do best!

We provide you with a Virtual Sales Assistant solution, that helps keep your pipeline full. If you have 80% of your time devoted to taking care of your current clientele, who will prospect new business for you? We create the interest, impact the benefit..and close the introductory meeting for you...

We do not operate a boiler room! Your prospects will not hear the needless and senseless chatter of a common call center.